You just discovered the most simplified, orderly, and reasonable parent-information site there is.  This is no pink and blue foo-foo network just for stay-at-home mothers.  This forum was developed to address common concerns of the everyday-parttime-fulltime-anytime-mother-father-step-teen-foster-gay-single-whatever-parent.

Who do you really go to for advice about your childrens’ behavior? Do you call the pediatrician? Do you call your child’s psychologist? Really think about it.

Sure, doctors hold some merit and, yes, they absolutely deserve a lot of credit. But we all know the truth: not all doctors are parents. Similarly, not all parents are doctors. Would you call another parent to get advice on how to treat your son’s head wound? You might, but you would then see a doctor to ensure your son heals properly. It’s the same thing…you may speak with a doctor about some strategies to use with your child, but we get our second and third opinions from the real pros: parents.

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